Saturday, December 31, 2005

From the Rockies to the Poconos

Alright, folks. Here are a few photos we took on our journey to PA from KC. We were going to take a whole bunch, but as you can imagine, there isn't much to see from I-70. I did my best to get as interresting as i could.

This is my dad in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn in Village West, KCK.

Please note: We got the U-Haul with the space ship. Even my dad knows how much i like sci-fi.

This is a picture of me. Please note: My brother's Honda is actually pushing the U-Haul on this journey!

This is a photo of the first rest area we stopped at.

C'mon, folks! There are slim pickins across the midwest!!!

This was scary, scary, scary. If any of you do not understand what Bible Belt means, look no further than Illinois.

Yikes. That sucker was HUGE too......
Probably 4 stories high!!!!

And to reiterate my point: My Favorite Sign


More updates to come.


S E E Quine said...

` Wow. Bible belt? Dat scary. I quiver. I seen signs like dat, too sometimes! In scary bible belt.
` Of course, I drived through PA too a few times. It's boring. Neat WV there's lotsa hills.
` Neat U-Haul! Nice coat. I got one like dat - I left it at my mom's house, so I'm gonna take it back with me to WA!
` (Hooray! A non-hiking coat!)

` Hopefully, things will be more interesting tomorrow!

S E E Quine said...

` Near* WV. Lotsa hills. Hills are cool. Worth taking pictures of. Can't believe it looks like there's leafs on that one tree, too.
` Okay, I'm goin'.

Anonymous said...

I think I know that cross. Southern Illinois, right? Effington or something like that? I have a blurry picture taken from the highway.


heather said...

So, did you make it to NYC?

S E E Quine said...

` Can you smell the crack whores yet?

` BTW, new BLOG!!!

Laura said...

Wow... Very interesting trip, Cassie. Maybe on the way back you can stop at a sacrafice or something... Do the religious freaks still sacrafice goats and such?

Aaron said...

Is that going to be a recurring theme? Snap a picture of the most ridiculous religious billboard you see on a road trip and post it on your blog?

We're all anxious to learn how the rest of your trip went Cas :)

Kurt C said...

I have driven past the giant cross before... on the way to cincy, I believe. It's a cross... and it's giant. For a giant jesus.