Monday, December 19, 2005

7 Days to Go!!!!

Well, I am excited about Christmas! I know, I know, ENOUGH ABOUT CHRISTMAS, ALREADY!!!!

Well Bah Humbug on YOU!!!
I got all of my Christmas shopping done over the weekend, and I feel pleasantly happy with my shopping choices. I think all involved will find my gifts pleasant and warm.

I was a little upset with the gift I gave Josh. He wanted an external hard drive, so we went to B*** B** to purchase one (I will not advertise for anyone, except who is on my own Christmas list). What ruffled my feathers, put my panties in a wad, and stuck a tropical fruit up my azz, was the fact the above mention item was advertised at one price, but then sold at another. Why, you ask? It is all due to ‘rebates’. Now, initially, I would not buy a product with a rebate – but the guy at B*** B** told us we could fill out all the information online! “Online? Cool!” It meant no mailing off receipts! No cutting out UPC codes! I would receive my $ back faster, right? Wrong. We got home to send in for the $150 rebate, and of course it wasn’t that simple. One rebate online was through B*** B**, while the other was through the manufacturer. At first, this daunted me only a little – but who cares! One more screen to fill out? No problem. The B*** B** rebate was completed and sent of within minutes! But as I clicked on the link to the manufacturer’s rebate, the only thing that popped up at a first glance was an address! Yep! You guessed it, I have to mail in the friggin’ UPC and wait for an additional 6-8 weeks for processing. Hooray.
Looks like I’m out $150 until March.

But on a lighter side, I already got my Christmas present from Josh! It’s a new iPod for my road trip out to the east coast! I’m so excited! It’s black with a black FM tuner!
My dad got me a pretty swanky gift too! I can’t wait to get it!!!!!


heather said...

You have more patience than I do with the rebates...I usually say forget it or don't even buy the product once I see the rebate part of the sale price!!

Laura said...

I'm with Heather. I hate rebates. I refuse to buy things that have mail in rebates. I will cut off my nose despite my face to avoid a friggin' rebate. If I got everything back I should have gotten I would have an endless supply of money and very cool trinkets... IT'S ROBBERY

Aaron said...

The only place to buy external HDD's and mp3 players is online. That way you already get the best price and you don't have to dick with rebates.

Josh, don't you have an ipod? That's an external HDD.

Josh said...

yea, but my Ipod is an old 10 gig, which is already full of music. Its no match for the new 300 GIG HD! yeha!

S E E Quine said...

` Gar. He's right. Then again, rebates work if you have the time. Even so, I think I'll get my new HDD (now the only thing I need for $mas) online.