Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sunyo-do Island

Here are a few pics of our Easter weekend trip to Sunyo-Do Islands. It was a small group of islands in the western part of Korea. The islands were connected by foot bridges, that only allowed golf carts, foot traffic and bicycles. We rented bikes and tooled around the islands for 2 days and 1 night. It looked like an odd combination of an ALMOST tourist spot, and working fishing villages. Maybe if I had a ton of money, I could be the first big investor and exploit the natural beauty, as well as clean up the islands (there were trash pits everywhere).

This is a typical Korean meal. The small silver bowls are full of rice. Each person gets a bowl of their own, and as you can see, there are many salads. The bowl of soup has tofu and local muscles. To the right of the soup, is the meat dish. This spread is for four people to share. You pick a little bit of what you want, and put it on top of your rice bowl, or eat directly from the small side plates. Most of this food is too spicy for me. I ate some of the soup broth on my rice, and ate a little bit of the spinach, bean sprouts, and a tiny bit of meat. Everyone else gobbled it up! It is acceptable to ask for seconds of everything but the main course (soup and meat). Pretty healthy meals, if you think about it....

Do you have anything simple, like soup? Hold the eye balls....

A little rental house on the side of a cliff. We wanted to stay here, but it looked pretty abandoned at the time....not the season?

Local fisherman mending his nets
These are small anchovies that they fish, dry, and sell to the rest of Korea. People are crazy for anchovies here. They sell them by bulk. They are served with rice, and somewhat crunchy. Sometimes they add peanuts, which I enjoy.

Low Tide
Anthony ate some local muscles on the first day. He said they were the best muscles he had ever eaten. Then we had a bonfire and he drank soju, beer, and makali. Needless to day, he wasn't feeling too well the second day. He is waiting for the ferry in this photo.


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