Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I DID IT!!! Healthy Kitchens: A Reality!

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My grant proposal finally went through! The women's comitte of San Antonio, La Pastora got the money to build healthy kitchens! After over a years worth of work, i just got an email that they are building!

I know I accomplished ALOT in Peace Corps, even if this much sought after grant company never made my project possible, but it sure feels great to actually SEE a change in people's lives!

I just hope that everyone puts a plaque above their new kitchens with my name and face on it! Gracias Lilu!!!

click on the picture to view my flickr account of ALL the ladies building their new kitchens!


Anonymous said...



S E E Quine said...

Holy Moly! So, what is a healthy kitchen? Is that like a decent kitchen? I'm sure it's of some huge significance since you blogged about it....

Hey, you'll never guess, Lucas is now a real movie star, and you can watch his movie on my blog because it's so cool... best part is, now there's two of him!


Now I want to start shoving oranges into my mouth!

Paul said...

This is so phenomenal, Cassie! Congratulations to you for your accomplishment and also to the women and their families, whose health and living standards will be improved by your work!

Where do you find yourself in the world now?

Anonymous said...

Great jarb Lilu! I would like an update blog though, because I never talk to you and I was bored at the office and decided to find your blog thinking I could read about your exciting new American life and I was wrong!

Hope all is well wherever you are, we still talk about you here in the PY... Anne