Sunday, January 03, 2010

Columbia or Busted

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Hello all. I am now in the United States of America. I spent Christmas in DC with Anthony and his family, and went to NYC for New Years to spend some time with my ladies from Peace Corps. We had lots of fun and now I finally have some time to upload some photos from my vacation in Columbia.

We ended up visiting Bogota, Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park and Cartagena.

I seriously suggest Columbia for a vacation spot. We only had 2 weeks and I could've spent a whole month there! It rawked! We didn't have time to get to Ciudad Perdida or San Augustin. But we sure spent a lot of time going to various beaches, which was just fine with me. I worked on my tan and expanding my bathing suit.

Now I'm working on expanding my jeans. We plan on coming to KC around the 15th of January, and visiting Denver in Feb. We're gonna take Jeepster on a wild road trip throughout march, so lemme know if it's okay to crash at any and all couches!

p.s. click on the photo of me to see my pics on flickr!


Homoses said...

If you go through Billings, MT let me know. Sam and his family would love to have you! (He now has 4 kids. Scarry right!) And I know Norlene (his wife) would love to meet you. She has heard such good things about you.

Paul said...

I can not believe you are back! Wow, time flew by. Love the pics. Hope you're well.