Friday, June 05, 2009

I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer, dammit! Not a Graphic Designer!

Okay, so I was coming into Asuncion today for a flu shot, and I saw an add for a food festival coming up. The funny thing about food festivals, is that because Paraguayans are not very food adventurous, its the same staples over and over, just prepared by a different person. I would compare it to a BBQ cookoff, but its usually the same ingredients, and most likely, the same spices. Maybe just different amounts. So - to sum up - the food festival not too diverse, but booths and booths of say 5 great comfort food favorites.

But the logo for the festival is what got me:

What is that fork trying to say to you? I looks...smelly. Notice, there is no food indicated on the fork. It's just...a... smelly fork.

Like I said, I'm no logo designer, but this reminds me of something someone put in a pile of poo. Then pulled it out and said, "hey, this stinks. Smell it!" and shoves it in your face.

I also just had a conversation with one of my ladies in site. She asked me why the economy in the United States was so bad. I realized as I started explaining to her, that she has no idea what economics IS. She never had a class in 9th grade where she watched that Michael Moore video about Flint, MI. In my broken GuaranĂ­, I decided to talk to her about supply and demand, and the point of equilibrium (thank you Mr. Volker). I even had to take it down a notch and explain to her that most people live in cities, don't grow ANY of their own food or livestock, NOR have ANY relatives that do so. I had to explain that if the local mini shop down the road that sells flour, pasta, oil, and sugar cane whiskey ran out of customers, and no one grew beans or corn, what would they eat? Okay, so I'm not doing a great job of relating, but she didn't even understand how different our lives were in the united states, let alone a people that live in a city and produce NOTHING.

I had to break it down to what she understood. The stock market. And Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice.

It was a tough day.


duff said...

any idea what mr. voelker is up to these days? maybe he could spend a couple of weeks down there enlightening the masses.

i wonder if michael moore is working on a sequel to "roger & me", given the present situation in michigan. i heard on the news this week that their unemployment rate is now up to 14.1%. scary.

S E E Quine said...

Oh man!