Friday, June 26, 2009

Healthy Kitchens a reality?

So I've completed my work on my healthy kitchen project. My women's comite have completed all their documents, and I have turned over all the paperwork to the NGO I am working with in my community. We now only need her boss's signature to be able to turn in the application to the grant company. Supposedly they'll be ready by Monday. I am SO EXCITED.

If you remember I have been working on this project since January. I have given 6 presentations, got trees donated, and done countless project design meetings. All we need now are some good thoughts and a leetle beet more patience.

The project we designed is a concrete floor, sink, drains, screened window, new wood (for the walls), shelves and a work/prep table for each woman. The biggest thing was to get the animals out of the kitchen. And I don't mean the dog or cat. I mean chickens and pigs pooping EVERYWHERE. The ladies will build a little pig pen with the old materials from the existing kitchens, to house their animals. We have 13 families that will be benefiting from this project. Cross your fingers for me, and here are a few pics of the existing kitchens!


Anonymous said...

Good luck...i am so proud of you. Mom

Blackpetunia said...

Can you come help us keep the pigs out of our kitchen when you're done there?

Paul said...

Oooh, way to go, Cassie! Qaplagh!

homoses said...

You work it lady!! And if they don't give you what you want, just remember I know the pink mofia. They will never have hair or be able to use a gym. Make them pay! Kisses.