Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baloney and rice anyone?

Baloney and rice anyone?
Originally uploaded by locomocos
This is a typical paraguayan lunch. the baloney is not typical. it is a delicacy. New photos on my flickr account!

I'm excited to be working with a couple new women's groups. we made bread the other day (see photo) and these new ladies are a L.A.F.F. Riot! I never realized how naughty a group of Paraguayan women could be! Maybe I'm just finally understanding the language!



Anonymous said...

i like the tablecloth. Mom

locomocos said...

table cloths are really big here. it is a really nice gift to give to a senora. since most of their tables are wooden and about 40 years old, every meal, they put a nice table cloth down to eat on. it's really important. this senor just got a new table cloth from her daughter, and only pulls it out on special occasions. oddliy enough, it probably didn't cost that much. they just never spend money on things like that!

Paul Spornitz said...

HORK. That's putrid. Can't you eat something junglely, like beetles or something cool-disgusting? Ugh.