Thursday, November 22, 2007

San Antonio, La Pastora, Caaguazu

I found out my site assignment yesterday. I´m in a small town called La Pastora. It probably won´t show up on any map, but the two closest towns off the main highway are Caaguazu and Coronel Oviedo

I´m pretty excited and here are a few photos of the region.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I´m spending thanksgiving at the CHP which is our language and tech school. I´m spending it with my other fellow trainees, so I won´t be ALL alone this holiday. We are having rotissere chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, green beans, and I HEAR someone found cranberries. Not QUITE what I´m used to (no casserole, pumkin, or croatian potato salad) but I think I´ll make due! haha!

Don´t forget, the BIG 3-0h is coming up in a few days! I will have successfully made it through 3 months in Paraguay and turned 30. That´s right. 30. Everyone else here is turning 23-24. Yep. 30. So this year for 30, my body has given me giardia, more grey hairs and a werid bump on my neck. I´m also going to bed at 9 pm and not drinking anymore. Man, I´m an old woman.

Well - off to get fatter than usual! Happy Holiday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I missed you at my Mom and Dads dinner. My aunt had some pics of you and me at last years dinner. We looked good together. I wish you were here.

love josh.

Mom said...

Miss you so much. I am happy to hear you celebrated with your Peace Corp crowd. Now for Christmas....ask ask ask!! As for your birthday, most people will not remember their 30th, your will be unforgetable!!

michelle said...

so nice to hear from you. we sent you a Campbell elf dancing xmas card, but it got returned from the dr.teeth email address.??

Sounds like you are in good spirits. yay!! as far as the big 30....that is wonderful, but as I head on into the almost big 40, it is hard to remember what I was doing back then....but you will always remember. and there will be plenty time to celebrate 'american cassie style' when you return. keep up the updates! love hearing about it.

if you need a break and can get to family would welcome you!!

much love
Michelle (and ted)

S E E Quine said...

` Argh, keep forgetting to come back here. Well, good to know you're not exploded yet. Hope the weird bump on your neck isn't dangerous.

` No green bean casserole? Argh! We ate pretty well over here on Thanksgiving - the same day that the cats ran out of food. It was so horrible, they had to survive on turkey and salmon all day!

` Spoony/Sara

lindsey said...

well well missy looks like I found you. Come let me drink from the virgin. I totally promise i wont backwash evilness into the bottle.

Denny said...

Bah 30 is nothing Cass. :)
Dont worry i drank enough on thanksgiving for the both of us and then some and then deep fried turkeys all day ! safety first thats what I say. Miss you lots

Tourette de Fleur said...

30 shmirty. You will come back looking like you are 24 and that's what counts. We will never age.

So Thanksgiving was really boring this year due to the fact that I had massive ear infections. So I didn't even get the chance to throw mashed potatoes. Snoozeville.

I am going to send you more music for the holidays. There is even going to be some holiday tunes for you from my mom. Both the parents said to tell you hi and they miss you.

Well, I had better start to work, otherwise I won't be able to come and see you like I am starting to plan!

Blackpetunia said...

Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I can't believe we're already 3 decades old, well, you are. I still have a week in the 20s. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry, I haven't sent the package I was going to send for your Birthday yet, but I promise I will send it soon! I hope you've founds some good friends to celebrate with.


Mom said...

Happy Birthday baby girl. Vince found a website with Paraguay weather. He thinks it may rain on Sunday ;o( I know you can't get in to the internet when it rains. Love and miss you so much.

S E E Quine said...

` Glad you've survived three decades, despite ferocious wild insects and weird food!
` Just hoping you'd have another update for us all.

` BTW, I think you would love what's happened to Lou Ryan's head. It's adorable and scary all at once! (I have one pic up so far....)
` Can you believe that cutie - and by association, me - got kicked out of the YMCA because a girl felt threatened by her own attraction to him? Jiminy Christmas! What is this world coming to?

Tourette de Fleur said...

Happy Birthday!!

Package is on it's way!

Lots of love and miss you!!!


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