Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ode To Longfield Practice

To Costa Lima and back I managed to go
For a Glimpse of the future I wanted to know

With high hopes in my head and a rumble in my gut
We drove over 5 hours stopping only for peanut (butter)

I arrived at my new lodging with purpose and steady course
When a man worthy of Joan Wilder galloped up on his horse

I started to sweat, my stomach flipped, and I got weak in the knees
The opposite direction I ran, for I now had the chivivis*

All morning I labored with my host mom and daughter
I did the best I could do, for I felt like bantha fodder

We toured a well managed farm and ate pure sugar cane
Along with a 100 year old house from whence Paraguayans came

My family slaughtered a pig, I ate his head - what a scene!
Not to mention the time I fell into their latrine!

Finally we gave a charla, and it became a big joke
Afterwards with food and drink, a fire we did poke

For one week I worked and spoke in complete Guarani
And in less than 1 month a true volunteer I will be.

*chivivi is the word for explosive diarreah in Guarani


Deluce said...

I love the Romancing the Stone - never pass a broken down shack - that god on the horse might live there in a hidden paradise.

Josh said...

My God, chivivi, falling into a latrine, and finding nourishment in a pig head! That job you had here in the States must have been REALLY bad if you prefer this! You're a tough chick.

Josh said...

By the way, I saw the travel lady on the travel channel today, she was at Uruguay and she drank Terrere and hung out with local cowboys (they had a different name then "cowboys" but I forgot what it was). It was neat. She managed not to fall into any latrines though. Speaking of TV shows, you should write a letter to Dirty Jobs and have that guy come out to visit you.

S E E Quine said...

` OMG! You fell in a latrine?!?!?! YUK!!!

` Also, speaking of cowboys, did you know that U.S. cowboys used to be mostly black? (Just getting out of slavery.)
` And half the rest of them were Latino!