Monday, July 02, 2007

Drunk Friend Dial

Saturday night I hung out with Katherine and while we were watching movies, my phone rang multiple times.

The next morning I awoke to find I had 7 messages and 2 text messages. All from my friend Ed, in Denver.

As I listened to these while driving home that morning, please note: They started around 10pm and ended around 3am.


Hey sweetie! Just calling to say hi! We’re going out dancing tonight and I was just thinking about you! Talk to you later!


(muffled dance music) Hey Pooks! Just wanted to tell you we wished you were here! (muffled dance music) Talk to ya soon! Bye!


(muffled dance music)Where are you? Why won’t you call me back? (muffled dance music) Call me tomorrow! I really need to talk to you! Love ya! Bye!


(muffled dance music, slight slur, and slight desperation) Okay. I really really need to talk to you. I’m serious. Call me tomorrow!


(sounds of cars and people in the background, slurry, and agitated) Okay. So I really miss you and just want to talk to you. You NEED to call me back tomorrow so we can talk. Love you.


(sounds of I don’t know WHAT in the background, really slurry and higher pitched) SCHWEETIE!!! I am about to cry! I mean it! I am on the verge of tearsh! I jus need you to rally call me back and jus tell me I’ma loved! Call me tumorrow! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call meh tumorrow!!!


(No background noise, calm, and non slurring) Hey Pooks! I’m just getting ready to go to bed. Call me tomorrow so we can talk. I’m feeling a little down and wish you were here. Talk to you soon. Love Ya.

Yes. Even in Kansas City, I feel loved. No need to feel left out when I get drunk dials like those! The 2 text messages were more of the same thing about calling him ‘tomorrow’, even though it was evident I really needed to call him ‘right back’. I DID call him the next day after I went through all his messages, and I got his voicemail. He didn’t even call me back! Haha! Probably TOO hung over!

I love you Ed! Call me 7 times in the course of the drunk evening, anytime!



vivavavoom said...

that was hilarious!

Denny said...

haha gotta love Ed !

JLee said...

Don't you just love drunk dials!!