Thursday, July 05, 2007

Como say Star Trek?

Star Trek XI?

Hell Yes.


vivavavoom said...

is it the odd or even ones that generally suck?

Denny said...

VIVA bite your tongue ! haha

vivavavoom said...

hee hee....but seriously, the hubby told me that fact....I have never seen one just parts of the khan one because Ricardo Montalban kicks some barechested overacting ass!!!
btw denny....what is your profile pic of? I have very weird theories going on.

Denny said...

um its a weird sink in bathrooms that i can never get the stupid pink soap to lather up. its weird.

S E E Quine said...

` Mostly just the Next Generation movies suck.... Especially the time when they all panicked because the Klingons found the frequency of their shield! WTF?!?!?! Instead of changing the frequency, they just panic, say there isn't anything they can do and get shot down!!!!
` Also, they killed off Data, when supposedly Data was supposed to outlive Troi (probably because her character never went anywhere and no one could figure out what to do with her) and teach at a university! WTF?!
` I say, if there's no Data, I'm not watching it!!! (I loves Data!) I spit at Brent Spiner! Then again, the yellow contacts, which were not his perscription and made him blind, did ruin his vision and give him astigmatism.... I don't blame him!

caffeinator_x said...

IMHO, killing off Data was just about the only thing that could have given "Nemisis" any gravitas whatsoever... but then they pussed out, and end the movie w/ Picard having one of those Breakfast Club style heart to hearts w/ Datas mentally challenged robo-clone, leaving Brent Spineless an easy in back into the franchise...WTF!?

My Trek fandom has drastically waned since the end of ST:TNG, but I've heard rumors that this new movie is a reboot/re-imagining, w/ all new, younger Smallville style actors playing Kirk/Spock/Bones, et. al. ignoring the established continuity, and basically starting from scratch (a la Batman Begins)

Anyone know if this suck-ass idea is true?