Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So Far, So Good, So What?

I'm here in loverly Allentown, PA visiting my dad! Sorry if I haven't been online and on the blog roll lately! I'm here for another week, and keep uploading pics - but I've been pretty busy making myself useful around the house, driving my dad and bro to Philadelphia, and going to NYC tomorrow!

I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art the other day, and of course I had to

run up the stairs

And when I got to the top:

Please note in the first picture as I ran up the stairs - the guy in the far right of corner in the blue shirt. Alas - I fear I am not the only person who has seen Rocky.


I got to see Sunflowers

And Degas

And Picasso

And Bosch

And Bosch/Bruegel followers

I saw many more - but was only allowed to take snapshots with my camera. I really wanted to complain as THE LOUVRE lets you take REAL photos! Hmph!!! I tried to get a photo of the Duchamp Urinal and 'Nude Decending a Stairway' - but some security guard told me he would throw me out. The jerk. That was only after he got off his cell phone talking with his 'special lady friend'.

Tomorrow I meet up with Josh in NYC at the top of the Empire State Building.

Just kidding. We are going to MOMA and then spending the afternoon with my friend Leslie and his brother, John. I will take TONS of photos!


vivavavoom said...

I was just about to say how impressed I was that you were able to take any pics at all. At MOMA in NYC, they will not let you if I remember right. I did, but had to be very sneaky. And there were certain pieces, like the Van Gogh's that were a big no-no. If you want to go see an amazing museum...take the bus all the way through Harlem and at the last stop is the Cloisters! A must see!!!
Have a great time and check out CaffX's blog when you can. He is writing again, and writing well.

caffeinator_x said...

Yeah, but then again, I snapped a big ol’ flash photo of Starry Night, which was pretty white trash of me.

So, what do you think of Philly? I’ve always heard it’s sort of a pit, but everything I’ve ever seen of it makes it look pretty cool.

Oh, and a Growing Pains reference? Nice work! Oh, how I loved you, pre-anorexia Carol Seaver…

caffeinator_x said...


2 Dollar Productions said...

Nice pics and you MUST run up the stairs in that area - it's a moral imperative.

JLee said...

I love the Degas...Great pictures. Have fun w/your Daddy!

Anonymous said...

They must have changed there policy at MOMA. Now you can take pics as long as you don't use a flash.

I didn't see the statue? Was the rocky statue gone?


S E E Quine said...

` That's why I love cameras that can function without a flash!
` Sounds like you had a cool time! Wish I could read the captions on your photos!