Saturday, May 05, 2007

Memorial for Matt

Rebecca has requested that the time and location of the celebration of
Matt's life be kept amongst her friends and family. (NO MEDIA.)

She is expecting several hundred people and there is no limit on space,
as the facility is being donated. She would like any and all friends to
join her in celebrating Mathew's life. Also she would like the dress for
the occasion to be casual.

If anyone would like to attend, feel free to email me for directions.
It is at 3:00 Saturday, and I'll check my email periodically tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Matt and his brother where good friends of mine in high school. Although we have lost touch the past few years I would like to attend the memorial. Could you please email me directs...thank you.

Trevor Feist

S E E Quine said...

` Waaaaaaaaaah!! I cry tears but you can't see! :..( I didn't even know the guy but I'm sad now!!

Anonymous said...

is the memorial on saturday may 12? or was it already?

locomocos said...

the memorial was saturday the 5th. sorry for anyone who missed it. i just got back to a computer. rebecca said it was okay to email her at

please call, email, or send a card after contacting her.