Monday, May 21, 2007

Fine Livin'

My weekend was pretty average. I went out on Saturday night with Greg to go see a heavy metal band. This heavy metal was pretty good - and actually had groupies. All of which looked barely 20 years old. The band's oldest member was 24, so I guess it's only natural to supposed that all people at this show were that age and younger. But man, did it make me feel old. I walk in there and the bartender alone didn't look old (or experienced) enough to be handing me a beer. As I turned around I sat a table next to about 6 young college kids, one of which looked like he was 14, weighed 85 pounds, and was wearing a rock bandana. Good thing he had facial hair. Otherwise I would've checked his ID.
heh heh heh....

But the real story is what the heck happened to Westport? Westport is the downtown area where most younger people go drinking. When I was in high school, we would go downtown and hang out at local coffee shops before we ventured onto the Westport Flea Market. As I graduated, I moved down there and lived and went to college. Amber lived there for years and I must say I spent more than my fair share of paycheck at the local record stores.
So, what the hell happened? Each time I've been down there within the time I've moved here, mass tons of kids UNDER 21 have been hanging out, and causing disputes. Last Saturday after I left Greg's show, he called to make sure I got home okay, cause it 'erupted'. He said as he was sitting in traffic some kids got into a fist fight ON his car, as well as all over the main street. I'm imagining like West Side Story, but without all the dance moves.
Last night my mom and I watched the news where 4 people were shot and killed after the metal show on Saturday. Needless to say, I doubt I will be going down there to hang out anymore.
Of course that didn't stop me from going down (during the day) to make my tattoo appointment. I go in on the 29th for my outline. I'm really excited, and Greg's buddy is going to draw it from scratch so it's very custom.

So I guess I'm stuck in suburbia for a little while longer. That is, until I find a new place to hang out. I'll take any suggestions!


caffeinator_x said...

You know, I was all set to say dismissively (and jokingly) "Yeah, you're getting old... ha ha hee"... but actually, I think you're on to something....

Our generation (and I'm lumping you in with that, though I know you're younger than me) "Generation X" (or whatever) was/is all about the "Peace, Love and Understanding" and new wave and doing the hyper drama "sweep-a-penny" goth dancing at clubs and going to raves --

and our “indie” “DIY” attitudes toward arts, entertainment and culture turned the downtown areas throughout the flabby midsection America "hip" and "romantic".

When I first got out of high school the only young people who moved downtown were the coffee house slackers and goths and local music groupies and comic book geeks. As much as I champion the growth the city's gone through in the last 10 years, it seems like I can't get a cup of coffee in the downtown "proper" (ie, not in Cap Hill) without being interrupted by some frat boy date rape-hobbyist roaring by on their fluorescent colored crotch-rocket. Now we even have terms for the fights that go down when bars close. ("Wilding" at "let-out")

While my wild times were made up of drunken one-night stands on the weekend ... for this new group it seems like it's not a successful night out until they wake up in detox after having flashed their tits to the "Girls Gone Wild" crew. And that's on a Tuesday.

If you could stomach the finale of “Real World: Denver”, you’ll see what happens these poseurs… they crawl back to their churches after (NEVER before) “sowing their wild oats”, move out to the suburbs and endure loveless marriages to the “right person”.

Aint karma grand?

locomocos said...

caffx - i can always count on you to understand where i'm coming from.

but yes - there is such a different crowd from when I was that age (all what - 8 years ago - don't forget my 30th this year *heavy sigh*). But I agree although being some years apart. Westport was not a place for the fratties and sorostitutes. It was a place where anyone and EVERYONE was writing a novel, in a band, or some modern artist collecting toenails for their 'Piece'.
I'm not naive and do recognize the romatacism in this, and let's just say that all those older cool kids I used to 'carry the watermelon' over (see Dirty Dancing for this reference - which proves what a dork I am) were probably no more than 25 themselves.
I recognize change and yes have become a zillion times more pessimistic - but where are these fellow 'underground' urbanites? If this living is so main stream, what's the next thing? Is suburban living the new 'hip' place to be? Am I a pioneer, here?

Nay. I don't have the answer for this. and to be quite honest, I don't have the energy to seek out something new and 'sub cultural'. I actually enjoy watching cable in my parent's house and swimming in their pool. Although I do miss the community. but that my friends, is another post.

locomocos said...

and let me clarify, my parents don't have a pool. there is a pool in their neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The Westport from days gone by has sort of migtated north to mid-town/downtown in the "Crossroads" district. Around 18th and's sporatic at best. No record stores...and of course I'm too old to know what's goin' on but that's my take.