Sunday, January 05, 2014

My Croatian Wedding at James P. Davis Hall part deux

I decided to upload some of the elements I used for the wedding.
I initially looked at this painting done by Strawberry Hill Croatian painter, Marijana.  This was what I wanted at my wedding.  Notice the color green, the band, the kolo dancing, and the family style tables.  That's what I did!!!!
 This was the color palette that I gave to everyone involved.  I wanted greens for fall, but not too much oranges or browns.  My favorite color is green, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE rosemary and hedge apples.
 This was one of the giant mums we got at the pumpkin patch.  The mantle was done with mesh ribbon bought at Costco, and the big vase with sticks was from a garage sale for $12!  What a deal!  The lanterns and platters were mom's.

These urns were places in place of the altar.  Mom bought them at Home Depot and she got the iron globes at the Nell Hill open house in Atchison.  The decorator ladies were so excited about them, and they went to town with all the pumpkins, leaves, and sticks they found on the property.

For the dinner, I didn't have a lot of money.  I provided plastic silverware that looked real.  I ordered them from Smarty Had a  The chargers I bought online to go under the clear plastic plates my caterer provided.  We took the silverware and wrapped them in napkins, doilies, and ribbons found in the dollar bin at JoAnn's Fabrics.  It looked great.

I made wedding schedules that on one side talked about Croatian Traditions, and on the other side described the schedule of events.  I bought an edge punch that looked like lace and cut the cards on the top, while cut slits in the bottom so they would slide onto the wedding wands.  I used card stock purchased at Wal-Mart.
 Here you can see the rosemary in the lower left corner, the corsage pins on the green plate, the schedules, the wedding wands, and the place cards.  I organized seating by tables, with home printer name cards bought at Office Max. 
These 100 wedding wands were made with clearance ribbons and little bells.
Here is one of the many bags of hedge apples.
Setting the table and cutting the home made povitica.  For my wedding shower, I asked my guests to bring povitica, a Croatian sweet bread, and wine.  I only served white and red wine, beer, and a signature drink of apple cider, soda, and vodka.  It was a hit!

Anthony and I were decorating and setting up all day!
Below is puhance, also called Angel Wings.  We got up at 5 am Saturday morning to make them...only to go on a rum run at 6am! We only needed a couple tablespoons for the wedding, but realized we only had vodka!  Oh no!  Haha!  I will never forget those funny things that happened before the wedding!  I also found this other vintage cake topper for $10.
This is the backdrop I made, although you can't see the circle garlands I am so proud of making.  I found a thrift store that sold scrapbooking background pages for 10 cents each, and used a large circle punch to make the discs.  Then I sewed the discs together.  I also took crepe paper and sewed a seam though them, so they would scrunch up nicely.  I found all these instructions on Pinterest!
In my next post, I will discuss more of the Croatian Traditions I used!


Anonymous said...

My fiance and I are having our reception at JP Davis Hall in October and I have been searching around for some inspiration online for the space. Your wedding was beautiful! Where did you rent your table and chair linens?

Thank you for the help!

locomocos said...

This may be a really old post, so I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! I got my linens online at CV Linens. I bought them and was able to resell them on Craig's list almost immediately. The tables came with James P. Davis, except for the bar tables which I got at Arrow Rentals in NKC. I only needed 6 additional tables for the outdoor reception. The venue comes with permanent picnic tables outside already - but I wanted more!
Sorry this was so late! Hope this helps a little!