Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apple Fest

I wrote last time about the beef festival.  Last weekend we hit another fall festival.  This one was an apple festival.

We stopped first at an ancient temple, Sudeoksa (수덕사).  It is about 1500 years old, but they've kept it up well for both tourists and pilgrims.  Many temples were destroyed in a Japanese invasion in the 1590s, but this one survived.  The main hall is Korea's oldest wooden building, from 1308.

These guys were in a pagoda out front.  They are big, about 8-10 feet tall each.

The entrance to the temple area.  The building and statuary are hundreds of years old.  Notice the interactive computer booth on the left.

Roasting chestnuts for sale to pilgrims:

Cass and Sam in the courtyard of the temple.  The pagoda in the background was built by a well known monk hundreds of years ago.

Buddhist monk figurines.  I've seen these little fellas in many temples.

The monks live here.

After visiting the temple we headed to the apple festival.  They held it in Yeosan in South Chungcheon province.  The spot was strange.  There was a beautiful orchard and a steel and scrap yard.  I didn't get too many pictures, though.

Cassie told me to climb in the crate.

We were eating a veggie pancake and some soup and we heard the strangest thing.

A group of Korean yodelers.  They were singing German folk songs.  I felt like I was in another world.

I went to compliment the singer on his voice, and it turns out he is a yodel teacher.  He knew Bill Monroe tunes and lots of other old time singers.  He asked me to his campsite and we sang a few tunes.

 They handed me a glass of wine, a shrimp pancake, cheetos then a chicken wing.

 Then someone gave me some playin' spoons.

Not a bad way to spend a late fall Saturday.

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