Thursday, October 25, 2012

Loco Mocos New Look

It has been brought to my attention that the blog looks 'old'.  Anthony mentioned I might spruce it up a bit, so I'm playing around with some templates.  I might go through a few changes before I find the right 'NEW' look for Loco Mocos.

So, we will start with a new series of posts I'd like to to, called
Things I love about Korea.

Everyone seems to remember bad things about a place they have gone to.  Never the good things.  When I go back and read my blogs about Paraguay, it seems there is more ranting and raving, than enjoying and saluting.  So with a few months left here in Korea, I will start to document all the good things I love about Korea, so I won't forget them!  Plus, it's a bonus that Koreans are always taking pictures.  I can snap a shot of anything and not feel awkward, unlike PY.

So here goes:

Things I Love About Korea #1

Vending Machines

Now, there are many different kinds of vending machines here in Korea.  Snacks, Drinks, Ipods, Socks, you name it, Korea has it.  But the great thing about these vending machines is that unlike the US, their food stuffs is dirt cheap.  If you can make a close up, a bottle of water is only 50 cents!  And you can get a mini can of Mountain Dew for 80 cents!  And really, who wants a giant bottle of soda?  I usually end up drinking only half of my Diet Coke, and the other half gets warm while sitting in the giant purse it has to fit in.  When I drink the mini can, I don't hold onto it for later.  I drink it cold, and it is just enough to quench my thirst.  I then put the can in the recycling bin, which are usually positioned next the the machines.
 Please note the water, Mountain Dew, Tropicana, and Lipton Ice Teas - most of which are available in the mini can.  Again, bottled water is never expensive here.'s......water.
 Not all places, but most places have free water coolers.  This is set up outside a hiking area, but all convenient stores and restaurants offer free water to fill up your water bottles or make instant coffee, ramen noodles, hot tea, or hot cocoa.  Many Koreans snack on cup o noodles type ramen all the time for usually under a dollar.  What a cheap snack item! 
 Although trash cans can be scarce in Korea, when they DO have them, they do it right.  They usually have compartments for tin, plastic, paper and glass.  If the trash can you find isn't separated, don't worry.  The sanitation crews (little old ladies) separate the trash for you with rubber gloves in a back room.  ALL trash is separated in Korea for recycling.

Here are just a few things I love about Korea.  I will continue to post more photos and more I Heart Korea installments. 

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