Friday, September 28, 2012

Green Pants: Fashion Staple, or Fashion WTF

I recently bought a pair of these pants on a whim for 5 dollars.  Little did I know, green pants are the new fall fashion craze!

Or, at least, I keep telling myself that!

I wondered what I could wear with these little beauties, and tons of pics popped up!  The scary question is:  are these going to be a trend of 2012, and a couple years from now, will the be more like this?
As I googled hammer pants, I found some disturbing images.  Harem Pants (as they are known in the fashion world) are making a comeback.  Really?  I too, have seen this comeback.  In the form of Poopy Pants TM locomocos
I am so confused by this fashion.  If you have ever seen anyone wear these pants, I ask you this:
Didn't it look like they were wearing a diaper?  Or possibly there was a heavy load in and below the crotch?  How could these possibly be comfortable to wear?  What happens if you need to hop on a scooter, run up some stairs to catch the train, jump over a hobo, or even spontaneously do the splits?

I'll stick with my green pants this year.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that they won't go down the hammer road.

Thanks for the memories, Hammer!

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