Friday, June 22, 2012

Loco Flickr

I am having problems with my flickr account, so I haven't been uploading recently.  I have a lot of pics, but no flickr to put them on!  I'm in the process of trying to fix this little bug - seeing as how I'm a paying customer of Flickr - but jahechata.
So, I will now post some pictures of the Royal Tombs in Guri.  This was just a random spot that a friend told us to check out.  It's almost in our back yard!

I'm dancin, just like this worm that looks like a stick!
 Anthony said, "Be a banana!  Peel!  Peel!"
He's a great photographer.  He knows what to tell his subjects.  I still need some work on my peeling, but he's patient...

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