Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Halloween Favorite

So, I figured out what I will be for Halloween. Yes, it's been done. Yes, it seems too easy.

My students are gonna love it!

Most of them know who Pippi Longstocking is, and have read her books. But in Korea, they don't celebrate much Halloween, so I can't just go and buy a wig and an outfit. I have to make it myself. So I'm not gonna go all out with the hair. I DID, however, buy some Apricot hair dye. Let's hope it works. I'm optimistic, and I saw this pic online, so I'm gonna try to copy it. It looks pretty 'Longstocking' to me.

Now, if only I could find a monkey. I found a lot of great costume pictures. Some of the cutest, I found here.
This was my template.

Of course I found a lot of different types of costumes. Lets just say I like this

Better than this

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