Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Trip

So we went to Seoul yesterday for the first time.
Rule Number 1:
Take an updated English subway map with you.
Really, that's all the problems we had. All the subways have English speaking announcements, and most maps have English names, but sometimes trying to find the English maps were tricky. So next time, a pocket map will be ideal.
The subway was so easy. I can't wait to ride it and do more exploring. Also, if you take a bus shortly after you leave the subway (or vice versa) the bus or subway is free. You just need a transportation card which you can buy at any convenient store.
It's awesome!

So below are some pics of our mini trip - which I was amazed at the amount of English speakers we met. Many from Canada - but we also ran in to a group of students from Harvard.
Mostly Korean girls who had valley girl accents!

Pocari Sweat is the Energy Sports Drink here in Korea

This guy is holding his girlfriends purse

We saw a lot of odd footwear trekking around the palace. Ladies sure don't mind wearing heels to hour plus tourist attractions...

Peace Corps at the Embassy!

Men who aren't toting their girlfriend's purses, usually have a man satchel

Or a European Handbag

And finally, KFC. We got off the subway and this greeted us. Hello, Old Friend!

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