Monday, April 27, 2009

Semana Santa

cooking in the tatakuaa. they are using pans, but may paraguayans use banana leaves as cookie sheets!

anthony pickin his banjo. he has a garage door in his living room. i wish i HAD a living room.
I am working hard being very stoic. I think i am thinking about which to eat first.

making chipa. look at that dough! you take the dough and kneed it until it is shapeable into circles or whatever shape you like.

Paraguayans love to pose for pictures. Even if it´s behind a drunk guy.

we made PEEPS out of chipa!!!
Anthony´s host mom and host grandma. they love me.

Uh..i don´t know.

making a blanket. anthony´s host family weave blankets and hammoks. I really sucked at it.

My easter egg. They don´t know this tradition. It´s a little like the eater bell David Sedaris talks about in Paris.

So there are just a few pics. if you´re interested in more, go to my flickr account!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures....going to your flickr account now. Mom