Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Email

Due to a plethora (pleh -thor - ah, like Gabriel, my #1 friend on Trekkies) of emails to my dr.teeth account, i can´t get into my account to clean up the messages sent within 1 week. SO PLEASE - no crap emails anymore. I had to create an entire new account and now I don´t have anyones email addresses.

So PLEASE send me your home addresses (for postcards) and email addresses (by sending it in a quick email) so i can create my new address book. I´ll try to clean up the other account, but at this point - I can´t even login.

email me at

Once again - no large or junk emails. I beg you. I can only check my email and update my blog about once a week, and I´m paying an arm and a leg at this internet cafe. Be kind. Re-no more.

I am having a good time, but today was the first day i started feeling some homesickness. i was crazy excited to check my emails - but to no avail. Thanks for posting hellos for me on this blog. i almost started crying! Unfortunately I don´t have much time left to post anything good - but I Have bought postcards for anyone who sends me their address!!! Yeah!!!

I washed all my clothes yesterday. it took about 3 hours and my knuckles are rubbed raw. That´s right, raw. Meaning I put my clothes in a bucket of water, and started rubbing them together with some soap to get all the dirt out. After my family situated their chairs around me (I have become their new favorite comedy program) they gave me a scrubby brush (after 2 hours of scrubbing) which aliviated some of the loving blood i was putting into the soapy water. hooray! Of course, at about 8:30 pm, right before we were leaving for a sugar cane fiesta in town, it started raining and my clothes were soaked! not to mention the roads became flooded. No fiesta for me. :(

Saturday after training, we all got together with most of the kids in town, and played soccer, frizbee and pique volley - which is a game like volley ball, except you can´t use your hands! The kids down here are CRAZY good at it! Only feet, heads, a volley ball net, and a soccer ball! Loco!

I´m going to Ascuncion this next week for a meeting at the main PC office. I hope to buy a camera and a flash card to upload photos onto a computer without having to load a program. I think I can do it with a usb type adapter, right?

Well, once again, please email me at my new address at to talk to me. I miss everyone so much and need your home and email addresses again!


Mom said...

I have been trying to send emails but they come back. I knew your inbox was full. Glad you posted about attachments and strings. I have mailed you two letters so far. I miss you so much I hurt. I am so proud of you. Love you, mom.

S E E Quine said...

` Your living conditions seem amusing and alien. Like the crackling alien language.
` Good luck surviving!