Thursday, September 20, 2007

4 More Days

Well it is now crunch time. Apart from painting my mom's new house, I haven't been doing much in the way of pre-trip pondering. I'm pretty much packed with a few things still to purchase. I'm taking a myriad of things:

sleeping bag
yoga mat
knitting needles
cd player and cds (no ipod for me!)
new coat
multiple pants/shirts/shoes
12 month supply of tampons and lunapads
swiss army knife from dad
Leatherman A-Ron bought me
(only) 4 pairs of shoes
my loverly stained red hooded sweatshirt

I have decided against my little pillow and have decided to purchase a nice compact travel pillow instead. No use destroying a family favorite.

I'm at the point of return - which means that I could still back out if I wanted to. But really since I got my tooth pulled and a new one installed (thanks to my dad) I figured I past the point of NO return back in July.

Ways to contact Cassie:

1. You can send me letters at

Cassie Doolittle PCT (for trainee - the first 3 months) or PCV (volunteer after I am placed)
Cuerpo de Paz
162 Chaco Boreal c/Mcal. López
Asunción 1580, Paraguay
South America

An estimated 80% of letters arrive which takes 2-3 weeks by airmail.

Please number your letters in case any of them get lost. If I recieve a letter that says #2 and I never got #1, you'll know why I haven't been in contact.

Packages are often opened and items stolen. If you decide to send me something in the mail, make sure it is of little value (like Jiffy Pop). Send nothing worth over $200. A big bonus will be burned CDs. I will constantly be listening to the 10 cds I can bring and will be desiring new music all the time. Remember when we used to make mix tapes and trade them in the mail? Well I can't make you any, but maybe you'll recieve a banana leaf with a magic rock in it or something. PLEASE send me music!

2. Email Me

Most of you have my email address. I will be primarily using my blog for updates, but if you would like to send longer letters my address is

I will check my account as often as I can, but after the first 3 months, I won't be sure if I will be placed in a location with email access

3. Read my blog

I will be posting on my blog as often as I can. It will become my new travel journal. I will be sure to post whenever I get into town, but I would LOVE to see as many comments as possible, even if you just say hi!

I can't promise that I will have the time to read all your blogs. I'm not sure how the internet cafes are set up, and if time is an issue, I hope you all understand why I can't gab it up. I DO, however, appreciate all the support you have given! SEE Quine and Vivavavoom - you guys RAWK! Thank you for remembering me even though I've been MIA!

4. Visit Me

I won't be able to leave the country or recieve guests until after the first 6 months of service. Remember that as Paraguay may not be the most desired area to visit - there are plenty of places in South America that I can easily travel to! I can meet up with anyone - anywhere! I will be visiting Machu Pichu while I'm in the Peace Corps, and HOPEFULLY my mom will allow me to visit Rio de Janerio while there! haha! Not to mention all the other wonderful places like Chile (hint hint vivavavoom!). Let me know if any of you have an interest in visiting and we can set something up!

In case of emergency:

If there is a critical illness, death, or emergency where I need to be notified ASAP please contact the Peace Corps' Office of Special Services at any time.

800.424.8580 extension 1470

If it is after hours, feel free to call my mom and she will be able to pass the information along to me. Her number is 816.587.6924

Last but not least - be patient with communication, but don't forget me. I've been told repeatedly that I will experience depression, constipation, and homesickness. More often than not, alcoholism - but trust me, if I can't poop (or too MUCH poop) there will be very little drinking!

27 months of Cassie the Nun? Who knew!


caffeinator_x said...

So all of us (yeah, everybody, ALL) at some point or another surely wondered...

"REALLY!? Is Cassie REALLY gonna do this?.... Does she really WANT to do this? NAWWWWWW!"

Now, you're doing it, in spite of any doubts anyone may ever have had... yourself included. On your worst day, you can always hold tight to that.

That, and... oh yeah, the fact that everyone who knows and loves ya' is WICKED proud of you!

Yea, Cassie!

jason said...

What ten cd's are you taking?

Paul said...

I'm so excited for you, Cassie! I'm literally awestruck. Another thing that you'll be able to hang onto when it gets tough is the ever-present fact that you are strong and capable and you've done this all on your own. Those kinds of thoughts have the power to sustain you when you get lonely or homesick.

Remember Meghan, that woman who lived across the hall from me and leslie? She lives in Buenos Aires. You should look her up on Friendster. I think she's still on there.

And please give me an exact date when I can come to Paraguay. I didn't have a chance to go to all the places I wanted to in S. America, and Paraguay's much closer than Denver!

All my love.

locomocos said...

beck - possibly ALL my beck
The Shins - Chutes too Narrow/Sea Change
Graham Smith - The Final Battle
RJD2 - The Horror
Depeche Mode - Violator
DJ Shadow - possibly ALL my DJ Shadow
New Order - Retro
Tom Petty - Wildflowers
Bjork - Homogenic
and I have been furiously making mixed cds for the last few days.

I realize I can't bring ALL my music on my ipod, so I'm trying to make slow, hard, whispy, angry, and happy cds. I have a wallet which holds quite a few - but those were my staples. The handbook said to bring music which reminds you of home. So I wanted to bring a mixture of music which made me feel peaceful, and not so displaced.

but that doesn't mean if a good album comes out while I'm gone not to burn me a copy and send it! Paul - i hope yours comes in the mail soon! Or if anyone has a good album they think i should take to stick a stamp on it!

Anonymous said...

best wishes, Cassie..
damian and laura

JLee said...

good luck, Cassie!!