Wednesday, November 10, 2004

second time around

Everyone knows that re-heated food never tastes as good as when it's fresh (except green bean caserole, which just keeps getting better). But fast food is the worst. i actually believe that the more you heat it up, the faster the impurities grow. An example of this, is this kid bought some McD's. He was working retail so he had to help some customers before he could finish his lunch. He ended up heating it up 3 times before he got to eat it. The enevitable happend, and he got sick! I blame it on the re-heating process. Those micro-waves will get ya! They will infect your mind!!! Then it moves on through your body, infusing with your heatly tissue....

Whew! Kinda got psycho there for a minute. Actually, the whole reason i brought up the microwaving fast food issue, was because i went to Long John Silver's yesterday. I tried to play it all cool with my co-worker, by saying that i really wasn't a big fan of the fish eatery. i actually hadn't eaten there since i was a kid. But lo and behold- i ordered a fish and chicken combo, and it was like eating heaven! Pure, delectible, greasy beyond belief, heaven. I couldn't eat my entire meal, so i saved it for today.
i kept thinking about the golden crispy batter, the moist chicken awaiting me inside it's grease dipped coat. So i had to eat it for breakfast.

And it was good.

Except for the hush puppies. They sucked ass.
So, the point of this whole thing: Don't re-heat hush puppies. There is no point in saving them. Do yourself and the hush puppies a favor, and eat them fresh. i know you want to save a little somethin' somethin' for later - but trust me on this one.

Friday, November 05, 2004

bored beyond belief

Why is it that every Friday around 3:00, time stands still?

Does it have anything to do with the upcoming weekend? Maybe. Does it have anything to do with being bored at work? Maybe. Could it possibly be that you are so sick of being around work people, you just want to go home an be with your real family (the staff of Planet Express)? Maybe. Or maybe it's just that Friday afternoons, are like Monday mornings. Sure there is stuff for you to do at work. Most times, you really need to finish it by the end of the day. As on Monday's, when you come into work and have to restart your routine. It takes a while to get productive, but when you finally do it, it takes you on a 4.5 day ride, that seems to end at Friday at 3:00pm.

To answer my earlier questions, i don't know why this Friday is creeping by. I have no interresting plans for the weekend, I've got plenty of challenging work to do - so i'm not bored, and finally, i don't really work around people, so i can't say i would like to hang out with my other friends.
It's a pickle. That's for sure.
Whew. i gotta think of something better to write about......