Sunday, August 05, 2012

At the Yeosu Expo / World Fair

A few weeks ago we took a trip to check out the Yeosu Expo.  
It's the same as the World's Fair.  We took the trip with some friends.

We spent the night in a bus, then woke early to watch a sunset at Hyangilam (향일암).  
It's a mountain with a temple at the top.

I'm not sure what Cassie's doing here.

Some fine woodwork at the temple.

A few pet turtles for the monks.

After a couple hours on the mountain, we took the bus over to the Expo site.

We started at the aquarium.  There was a two hour line, but we had VIP tickets.

Cassie is doing the whale.

These are the mascots of the Expo.  They have worms on their heads.

A view of the 'Big O,' some country pavilions and some cooling tents.
The O has a light, fire and water show at night.

The tango dancers at the Argentina pavilion.  
They sold empanadas, beer and wine, too.

With the Lithuanians.  Their entire booth was full of amber.
They also sold the national beer.

This guy rocked out in the Kazakhstan room. 

In Sweden, with a fire extinguisher.

Tasty meet dogs.

The next week, Austin, James and James competed at the Gumdo championship.

Cassie got this shot of a Buddhist healing center.