Monday, June 26, 2006

Company Party 2006

So this weekend we went to my company picnic at the Colorado Rockies game. It was pretty fun for Josh and me. We got free food and free tickets!

Unfortunately, our seats weren't too good. The tickets were for 'The Rock Pile' which as you can see - aren't so good if you really want to watch the game. It's the section directly across the field. The tickets are only $4. They used to be only $1, but all the downtown hobos used to scratch up enough money to sit in the bleachers for a couple hours, bumming money and eating all the leftovers. At first I thought, "What a great idea! So many wasteful people and so many hungry hobos!" But apparently they were also drinking any leftover beers or somehow getting $6 to buy beer, and were causing problems. SO - $4 for such awesome seats isn't half bad.

But we had fun even though it started raining. it was only for about 20 min. - and that gave me ample time to go get another beer - along with the other 100 people who thought it was a good idea.

I thought we were going to be rained out, but lucky for us, more beer and popcorn were a callin'! Of course after the game, many of us met up over at another bar for more drinks and shots. Needless to say, i was really hung over the next day.

So what did we do?
Josh set up our new pool!

I think if it hadn't have been only 80 degrees out, we would've had a great time. But alas! The water was way too cold!

Josh didn't think so. He got right in!
I just watched. i also supervised the grilling of hamburgers before we went to go see Prairie Home Companion. Speaking of which, only see that movie if you enjoy the radio show.

Trust me.

I also bought a new digital camera and have found out that i can upload photos on the home computer, just not my work computer. i haven't figured out why, though. Josh thinks i should try another browser. But I don't know why Explorer would freak out after 2 years of uploading photos. I will try Netscape tomorrow at work.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Classmates 1996

So i posted some pictures on for my upcoming reunion.

What do you THINK?

I have an idea of what i'm trying to say here, but what do you get out of it?


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Seinfeldian Episode 2

I've made a small story out of this POST

Scene 1: Home
Casey hangs up the phone with a nervous sigh of relief.
“What’s up?” Jeff asks from the couch, watching TV.

“I just made a new hair appointment with Angie. I’m not sure what I’m going to do.” She said.

“What do you mean?” he asked, while peeling a banana – yet eyes glued to the set.

“Well, you know my current stylist, Monica, is the girlfriend of my co-worker, Candice, right? Well, for the past 2 years I’ve been going to her to help her support her new business. But the thing is, she never gives me the cut and color I want,” said Casey, crossing the room to sit down next to Jeff, but not watching the TV. This prompts Jeff to acknowledge Casey wants to talk. He still does not give her his undivided attention, and while talking to the TV he asks, “Well? Why do you go to her then? Why did you go to her for 2 years even though you weren’t happy?”

“At first, it was because I had no regular stylist. Then it was because she’s give me free stuff and free hair cuts. Now I have to pay her regular price and NO free stuff. And if I’m paying regular price, which is about $100 plus shampoo – I might as well go to someone who does my hair how I like it. Plus my last appointment got pushed for 2 HOURS after I got there because another client had been late. I spent 2 HOURS sitting in the salon waiting on my own appointment! That’s CRAP!” Casey animatedly said. She was clearly frustrated.

Jeff finally turns to her, “So WHY are you still going to her?”

“Well, I work with her partner, Candice. I can’t just stop going to her without any explanation! I don’t want to TELL her that I think Monica my stylist, her partner, is CRAP! She’ll flip out! I have to continue to WORK with this woman! Plus I’ve developed a friendship with them, which makes me incapable of hurting their feelings, or pride! Monica is bubbly and fun and we’ve even gone out for drinks together” exclaimed Casey, as she slumped into the couch. “But on the other hand, I have another friend, Angie, who is struggling with HER hair salon who needs help, too. AND she’s actually REALLY good! I just made an appointment with her, but don’t know how to break it to Monica or Candice. I’ve told them about Angie in an offhand way, but I don’t think they think I would actually ever GO to her, or as Monica puts it, ‘Cheats on her’. Why is having a hair stylists so complicated!! UGH!!!” Casey threw her once animated arms up in the air as a sign of defeat.

“I think you should tell Monica or Candice that you are going to spread the wealth a little and go to your friend,” Said Jeff, returning to the TV. “I mean, isn’t her shop 30 minutes away, while Angie’s shop is 5 minutes from us? Gee. Tough decision,” he said sarcastically.

“You’re right. I should just bite the bullet and say something before my Saturday appointment,” relented Casey. And she sat back to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Scene 2: Work

Casey approached Candice in her cubicle. It is the end of the day and she needs to leave early. This is the perfect opportunity to tell Candice that she made an appointment with Angie, and to have her tell Monica not to freak out about it.

As Casey packs up her things, Candice calls her to her cubicle.

“What is this that you gave me? I can’t do anything with this!” screamed Candice at Casey. She threw a paper on her desk as if to disregard the paper and Casey.

“That’s the report I told you I was typing up. I told you what I was going to include. What’s the problem?” Casey asked, annoyed at Candice’s actions.

“Well, I thought you were going to write out a full report on this client. What am I supposed to do with the bare minimums?” Candice quickly retorted.

“We discussed exactly what was necessary in my report over a week ago. I told you I’d give it to you by today. I did exactly what we agreed upon,” said Casey calmly. “If you need more info, just tell me exactly what you need….”

But before Casey could finish, Candice blew up and shouted, “Forget it. I’ll just do the whole report over again. I’m really frustrated cause this is NOT what I thought you were giving me.”

“Well apparently we had some miscommunication, because that’s exactly what I agreed to. But if you want to do it over, fine. I’m leaving,” and Casey grabbed her purse and left her office, furious. She leaves the office, calls her boss on his cell and leaves a message urging him to call her.

One Month Later:

Casey (with a different hair style) is typing in her office and Candice strolls by.

“We have that meeting at 2pm, right?” asks Candice, pleasantly and professionally.

Thankful that a month has passed, Casey acknowledges that Candice has let the incident with the report slide, and they are on a friendly level again. Although the friendship she once shared with her co-worker for 3 years seemed to be non existent, she was content in knowing the actions of the past incident had been chastised by her boss, and a level of professionalism was now in its place.

“Yep. 2pm,” replied Casey.

“Good. Because Monica is bringing me some lunch,” said Candice on her way back to her desk, which was only 5 feet away.

Casey continues to type as Monica strolls into the office with some bags. As Casey gets up to get an item, she smiles and says hello to Monica. Monica obviously forces a smile back and turns to Candice. They begin talking and eating their lunch.

Casey sits back at her desk and after a while, gets up for something else which puts her in the way of Monica. Candice was taking a phone call and Monica was just staring into space.

“Hey Monica, how’s it going?” asked Casey, pleasantly, as she paused by Candice’s desk.

“Good,” replied Monica scowling and in a tone of voice that said, ‘I’m not saying another word to you, you bitch!’

Casey went back to her desk mouths the word, ‘WOW’.

Monica and Candice finally finish their lunch and as Monica leaves, she blatantly says goodbye to everyone in the office except Casey.

Turning from her desk and waving, Casey yells after her, “Goodbye Monica!”

“Goosheye….bishasbueshlshh” mumbles Monica, already as far and fast away as she can get.

Casey turns back to her desk. “Don’t mess with a bully or you’ll get the horns,” she mumbles, as she takes a deep breath. She then stopped and stared at her computer, deep in thought. She stands up a little and looks outside her window to see if Monica was getting into her car and leaving. As she makes sure Monica is nowhere near her car with a sharp object – she shakes her head. “I wonder if there’s a saying for lesbians referring to messing with one equals messing with ALL of them….” She pondered. The only thing she came up with was, “Don’t Shit Where You Eat”.

She glanced over her shoulders a couple times, to make sure there was no one behind her.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Merriam Webster Rawks!

Where is this a quote from?
"Burn rubber does not mean WARP SPEED!"

The Word of the Day for June 10 is:
warp speed \WORP-SPEED\ noun
: the highest possible speed

Example sentence: When Mario saw Helen enter the elevator, he grabbed his laptop and vaulted down the stairs at warp speed to get to the meeting room ahead of her.

Did you know?
"Warp speed" is an example of a phrase that entered the public consciousness through science fiction and eventually gained enough popularity to end up in the dictionary. The expression was popularized on the science-fiction show Star Trek in the 1960s. On the show, "warp speed" referred to a specific concept, namely the idea of faster-than-light travel. Within a relatively short period of time, Star Trek gained a devoted and intense following. Fans were soon discussing the fictional concepts of the show, including warp speed, with great enthusiasm. Eventually, the term "warp speed" was adopted by the general population. In the process, however, it lost its specific fictional meaning and came to mean simply "the highest possible speed."

Hint to trivia question:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Seinfeldian Episode 1

We open with Jeff and Casey sitting in a movie theatre awaiting the film. Jeff just gets off the phone with his brother from NYC.

“So what did your brother have to say?” Casey asks popping kernels of fresh, buttery movie popcorn into her mouth.

“Well my brother asked if our relationship was okay. Apparently my parents saw you at TGIF on Friday after work,” replied Jeff, a little bemused.

“Oh really? Why didn’t they come say hello?” Casey said, chomping away.

Jeff grabs a handful of popcorn as well, “Well, my dad wanted to, but my mom wouldn’t let him.”

Casey looks around the bag for an extra buttery piece. “Why not? And why did he ask if we were doing okay?”

“Well, my mom said you were sitting with a group of people, mostly couples and talking to a guy for a really long time.” He said as he wiped his finger on a napkin.

At this point, Casey stops in mid toss of a kernel of popcorn and looks at Jeff. “Did you tell her when you were at their house today for Father’s Day - that I was at a going away party for some guy from my work?”

“They didn’t say anything to me,” he said honestly incredulous.

“Not even when you told them I couldn’t come today because I was feeling sick? It would’ve been a perfect opportunity!” she said, exasperated.

“Nope. Not a word. Apparently my mom decided to call my brother, Joe in NYC instead.” He proceeded to eat a handful of the corn.

Casey crinkled her nose and said, “How weird!” She resumed digging away at the bag.

“He (Joe) also asked me about you going up to Fort Collins by yourself and spending the weekend with some guy,” he said nonchalantly.

Casey stopped again. “You mean Eli? My best friend since college whom they’ve met and is self proclaimed “Gayer than Christmas”?” This time, she set the bag on the floor and turned to face Jeff. The theatre was filling up and the movie was about to begin. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“That’s the one. I guess they overheard me calling Eli that weekend when you were taking a nap. I told them you went hiking all day with one of your old school chums, but they still thought it was weird that you were sleeping over at some guys’ house. Even AFTER I told them he was gay.
I’ve never seen this side of them. It’s pretty funny when you think about it!” He laughed a little as the lights went out and the previews came on.

Casey turned back in her seat, slumping and crossing her arms. “Hmm….not very funny to me. They must think I’m a floozy!” The movie begins….

Friday, June 16, 2006

Skinny Dip = Dippy Response

So, after about a month of saying that someone should write a letter and give Kudos to New Belgium Brewery, I finally broke down and did it.

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that your seasonal beer, Skinny Dip, is awesome.
I am a 1554 fan myself, and didn't think i would like a 'lower carb' summer beer such as this. But man, it rawks.

Reason #1: I first tasted this in Fort Collins and was pleasantly surprised to find it on tap in a lot of places in Denver.
Reason #2: Just because i'm a girl doesn't mean I always count carbs. But is sure is nice to know that you can drink 6 of these and know you are only ingesting 42 carbs and less than 700 calories! (that's less than a chipolte burrito!)
Reason #3: This crisp light beer is perfect for family gatherings. Do you have retailers in Kansas City so I can pick some up for the 4th of July?

To sum up: Good beer. Too bad it's seasonal.

Cassie D
Denver, CO

The response left something to be desired. I found my letter funny, refreshing, and a definite ‘grinner’ of an email to perk up the PR guy’s day. I mean really, other than all the hippies that write in, how often do you get a woman who gives definitive reasons to back up her claim?

Hello Cassie,

Thanks for the e-mail. it's always nice to hear from another satisfied customer. As far as where to go in K.C. pretty much any bigger liquor store should carry a number of our beers including Skinny dip. if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at your leisure. Have a good day, Derek Lacombe

Derek Lacombe

New Belgium Brewing Co.
500 Linden Street
Fort Collins CO 80524
See what's brewing at

Now, the advise to go to any liquor store in KC to pick up New Belgium’s SEASONAL beer is a bit of a stretch. Heck, I can only find 1 liquor store (more like DEPOT) that has 90 Shilling (granted, that’s O’Dells) in 6 packs only! I also consorted with my dad and HE said that sometimes breweries don’t ship their seasonal beers! So maybe our info was wrong – but if you’ve ever been to KC, if you don’t like Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Coors Light, or MGD, you’re hard pressed to get anything micro-brewed on tap. And as for Boulevard, being on tap at more establishments other than in Westport is a relatively new concept. Trust me. I had to suffer all through college coming home during the summer to CRAPPY draft beer!!! BOO!!!!

Still I am glad I got a response. But I am sorely disappointed it wasn’t anything compared to when I wrote an email to UPN Channel 20. If you missed that post, I suggest you read it!!! The response I got from those guys was GREAT!!!

sorry i can't post pictures. blogger blows again!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I blow.

Unfortunately I am too busy to blog! I am actually WORKING!!!


Oddly enough - i've been noticing other bloggers slacking a little as well....

What's up? Is it because it's summer and everyone is outside? If you were a TRUE blogger, you would probably take your laptop out with you while you enjoy the sun on your bike, scooter, boat, roller coaster, what have you.

I, of course, am not.

So I was thinking of:

The TOP 5 THINGS I WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER. (Sorry Aaron - I'm not trying to steal your top 5 lists - I'll come up with some good quizzes soon!)

5. Go Camping and Hiking in San Isabel National Forest (Bishop's Castle, dood!)

4. Midwest Tour 2006!!! (includes Family Reunion, MS150, Maybe High School Reunion, Greg's 30th b-day - and maybe some R&R in St. Louis if I can!)

3. Go to Lakeside (which i've never been - so it had better be good!)

2. have a weekend of rafting and hot springs!!!

1. Have phenomenal cookouts the rest of the summer at my house!!!

Anyone game? If anyone in or out of town would like to sign up to do any of these wonderful Summer Adventure Series 2006 - let me know! It would be AWESOME if I got to hang with some of yous!!!

I have to get back to work. Slave to the Grind. Grrr.....

I know some of you have mentioned it - as well as accomplished your Summer Adventure Seriew already, but what are your plans for the remaining summer?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm a Horticulturist!

This is my kind of gardening!

Friday, June 09, 2006

I am dying.

Time is standing still on this fine Friday.

I can't seem to keep my eyes open. I have ADD or something. Maybe I'm just really bored. I have tons of work to do, but I just can't concentrate!


So as I was browsing the internet for photos of clock watchers, i found this old WWII poster. I'm still a little unsure of what they are trying to imply here.

So does this poster say to you - clock watchers are the same as the Japanese? Japanese are lazy? Are we even talking about the Japanese? Possibly Korea or something?
So logically:
If you are a clock watcher, you are lazy
If you are lazy, you are just like the Japanese whom we are fighting
Therefore - if you are a clockwatcher, you are my enemy.
And you're Asian.

I just don't know if that's what i'm supposed to believe.

But what a crazy poster to have. I wonder if it used to hang in factories or something.

Well, I did it!

I got a tattoo last weekend!

I went to the tattoo convention where i found this really awesome female tattoo artist out of New Jersey. Check out Paula's stuff!

So I'm having problems posting the photo - which has been happening lately. What's the deal with Blogger? I'll periodically check back during today to try an upload the actual photo. It might just be too big.....

I got this bat. It's pretty cool. The bat is actually black, and the clouds are only blues, no green - although i might add that later....
What do you think?
Kurt actually told me old sailors believed if you had a bat tattooed on you, it meant you had 'second sight' or something like that. That you could see the truths of things that weren't evident to others. It kinda made me feel like I was Muad'Dib or something.
My Korean co-worker said a bat meant mischevious, like a fox here western civilization.

But here's what I researched about bats in Chinese/Asian art.

Chinese art abounds with bats. They fly from the folds of fabrics and chase each other across the finest china. Jade bats adorn jewelry, and golden bats grace the most ornate altar cloths. Tapestries and toys, scepters, saddles and sashes, and many other objects are likely to be decorated with beautiful bats. While European and early-American artists used bats and bat wings to depict devils and demons, the Chinese embellished their cherished artifacts with the same winged mammals many Westerners find repulsive.

Those who were taught to dislike bats can learn a great deal from Chinese art. Oriental bat motifs encourage us to view bats more favorably, as objects of beauty. Chinese artists have long used five bats to represent the five blessings: health, long life, prosperity, love of virtue, and a tranquil, natural death. The bats often are bright red— the color of joy. Sometimes they encircle a stylized caligraph known as the prosperity symbol. This popular bat motif often was embroidered on expensive clothing to imply that a person's prosperity had resulted from a virtuous lifestyle.

The Chinese word for bat is "fu," and the word for happiness also is pronounced "fu." Two bats sketched on the wrapping of a gift convey best wishes and good fortune. Two butterflies, symbolic of marital bliss, often accompany bats on presents to newlyweds. Throughout Asian culture, bats continue to evoke strong, positive emotions.

Chinese admiration for bats began thousands of years before Christ. The Oriental world was viewed as an eternal interplay between active (male) and passive (female) forces. Bats were thought to embody the male principle— flowers and fruits, the female. The bat commonly was pictured with the peach, a popular female fertility symbol. We now know that the pairing of peaches and bats portrays an ecological as well as mystical relationship. Peaches (one of man's most popular fruits) were first cultivated in China approximately 5,000 years ago. Before that, peaches relied on bats for dispersal of their seeds.

Ancient scholars thought bats attained very old age because they lived deep in caves and because "they swallowed their breath." While the mystery of bat longevity remains unsolved, researchers have confirmed that bats far outlive other mammals of similar size. In a culture that venerated wisdomed old age, bats became a symbol of these virtues. Bat designs even were used on household shrines honoring deceased relatives. Such usage clearly indicates the high status of bats in the artistic and cultural heritage of China.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hello friends. As per the post below - i need some help. I need sponsors.

Yes I will be riding the MS 150 in Kansas City. Most of you know my dad has MS. But what you DON'T know is a little bit about the disease:

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?
MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves. Surrounding and protecting the nerve fibers of the CNS is a fatty tissue called
myelin, which helps nerve fibers conduct electrical impulses.
In MS, myelin is lost in multiple areas, leaving scar tissue called sclerosis. These damaged areas are also known as plaques or lesions. Sometimes the nerve fiber itself is damaged or broken.
Myelin not only protects nerve fibers, but makes their job possible. When myelin or the nerve fiber is destroyed or damaged, the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain is disrupted, and this produces the various
symptoms of MS.

What Causes MS?
While the exact cause of MS is unknown, most researchers believe that the damage to
myelin results from an abnormal response by the body’s immune system. Normally, the immune system defends the body against foreign invaders such as viruses or bacteria. In autoimmune diseases, the body attacks its own tissue. It is believed that MS is an autoimmune disease. In the case of MS, myelin is attacked.
Scientists do not yet know what triggers the immune system to do this. Most agree that several factors are involved, including:
Environmental Triggers[Possibilities include
viruses, trauma, and heavy metals ( toxicology)]

Who Gets MS?
Anyone may develop MS, but there are some patterns.
Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50.
Two-three times as many women as men have MS.
Studies indicate that genetic factors make certain individuals more susceptible than others, but there is no evidence that MS is directly inherited.
MS occurs more commonly among people with northern European ancestry, but people of African, Asian, and Hispanic backgrounds are not immune.
Approximately 400,000 Americans acknowledge having MS, and every week about 200 people are diagnosed. Worldwide, MS may affect 2.5 million individuals.

For more info on MS, read HERE.

So I ask you to please make an epledge for my ride. $200 is my goal - and seems like a lot. But even if you only pledge $5 - I will be happy! Of course, as the time gets closer to my ride, I will probably turn into the PBS pledge drive, and start offering gifts with the higher amount of pledges! Say - a landscape design for your front yard! Some burned copies of Star Trek the Next Generation (we have all the seasons!)! A New Car!

okay - well maybe not the last one!

But HERE is the link to pledge online. If you have any problems, let me know and I can fix the link. Or you can just Google MS150 and under ePledge you can find a participant! I believe the search is case sensitive, and if you don't know how to spell my name, feel free to email me!!!

Wish me luck! And don't worry, I will probably email this out to everyone periodically as it gets closer to my ride!
heh heh heh......

Friday, June 02, 2006

MS 150 - HERE I COME!!!

So I did it. I signed up for the MS 150 with my mom. I will be biking across Missouri September 10-12. 150 miles. 2 days. 1 bike.

Holy Crap.

When i first started riding and convinced my mom to do this with me, I thought "No sweat! I'm not going to be one of those crazy bike people with all the gear and wondering if i could take Lance Armstrong's place as the lead of the Discovery Team....
I thought it would be easy, fun, and laid back! I mean, people ride cruisers, mountain bikes, track bikes, double bikes - ANY bikes, and ANY ages! When my mom made protests about how she wasn't ready to ride this ride, I told her not to worry! I said even if we only did 30 miles per day, i would be happy about that!

But now i'm not so sure. I REALLY want to finish the ride, and get a metal! I REALLY want to get into some hard core biking shape like my friend, Rhiannon! I want to do at least 50 miles per day!!!

But what I want and what is my ablitiy are 2 different things.

So the ride breaks down like this:
In the morning you start out and ride your bike.
there are rest stations every 5 miles where you can take a drink and eat a schnack provided for you
you ride until you either get to the camp, or until the wagon picks you up to TAKE you to camp!
then you camp overnight.
the next morning you repeat the same thing.
but you can only get a medal if you finish on the second day.

So I've been nervous lately that i won't be able to even RIDE 30 miles a day! My plan is to be able to ride and take breaks every 3 stops, which is about 15 mile intervals. My mom said this is what she did when she first did the ride at age 36!!! We'll see if i can actually do it at age 28. Although i'm doubtful.....

Right now I get pooped at 10 miles! GEEZ!!!

But i've got to keep truckin' - even if i've made a grave mistake! And who knew that biking was such a costly sport?! you can't just buy a bike and start riding! GOD FORBID!!! But you have to invest in tons of little gadgets that are actually necessary!

Well, i'm not going to submit to the dominant bikadigm! I'm going to ride my bike MY way! I will probably be the most ghetto rider out there! Amazingly enough, i found a website that sells a Cutters t-shirt i just might buy for the big ride!!!

So dispite my growing apprehensions - I need some sponsors for this ride. I have to raise $200. I'm going to try and find out if i have an online donations web page, and all that good stuff. Maybe i'll have josh set something up for me - but for now - i'll keep you posted.

By the way - Heather got me thinking about some good workout music, so I thought i might ask away at some of your favorite tunes! i have to create a LONG playlist for my ride, and i really need music with a fast beat to keep me going! Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Thursday!!!

Click Here and turn up your speakers!

Now, for more good ghostbustin' sounds, check out THIS site!!!