Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alright Ghosties....

The Time is Nigh –

As most of you know. Not only is the Tenacious D movie scheduled to come out on
November 17th but Halloween is just around the corner!

It has been decided. Josh and my costume:

As many of you who live in the Denver Metro area know, I will be hosting a sponsorship Halloween spectacular in appreciation of everyone who sponsored me and my roomie, Paul, with our fundraising this year!

So what’s the big deal? The deal is this will be the greatest Halloween party since that one year in college where Ed and I went as Eddie and Patsy from AbFab, there was an Ice Luge, piñata, and cops! That was the greatest night of my life!

So this year’s Spooktacular Soiree, I want ALL of those things (except the cops really have to be strippers or something)!!!! My friend Michael said he would help me create a small fountain of jungle juice, Josh wants to buy a fog machine, and I’m setting up my pool for some late night bobbing for shooters!

Now, I am on a budget, so I have to use my money wisely. What I’m asking is for some ideas.

What are some of the greatest things you’ve ever experienced at a party, which I can re-create for mine?
I am up for ANYTHING!!!

My Great Party list:
1. Ice Luge/Beer Bong
2. Piñata
3. Chimenea/55 gal drum full of fire for outdoor heat (Halloween in CO is FREEZING)
4. fountain of some sort of alcohol
5. Great food for all night snacking

What else should I add? What would make this party GREAT????


S E E Quine said...

` Having never thrown a party before (not even my own birthday party) I have no idea.
` How about a live velociraptor? Or perhaps make it a masquerade party where nobody knows who anyone is or something.
` ...Lots of free, anonymous sex!!!

` Apparently, hat parties are also fun.
` Says my boyfriend, who is eating a clod of lettuce at the moment.

` Oh yeah, and you should see the scary monsters Crabby made on my IOASMS blog. I think she used my DNA!!!

Amber said...

I think you should have shrunken heads on poles around your front yard so people know where the party is. Oh, and maybe some eyeball jell-o.

Anonymous said...

` Mmmm!

duff said...

ice luge?

ice luge???

perhaps i should clear my schedule for the end of october.....

locomocos said...


Why is Duff the only person excited about an ice luge???

amen, sista.

You need to come!

Aaron said...

If the Ice Luge is sharing number one on your list with Beer Bong... I think you should have keg stands right up there as well.

The best thing to have at a Halloween party is the guy/girl dressed up as a scarecrow or something else that appears inanimate....

Then have them jump up and do a keg stand ;)

locomocos said...

i'll make josh do that....